Orange raccoon bastard and his posse of negligent cuntrockets.

So looks like Team Trumpus is going to try again on fucking up our health care. Gotta hand it to them, they really won’t let this one go. Looks like the pharmaceutical and for-profit hospital industry really has their hooks deep in this current batch of politicians.
There’s no point in masking our cynicism any more. It’s plain to be seen, the hospitals want to keep costs ludicrously high and are working with the insurance companies to reach a happy medium where they can charge insane premiums and at the same time discouraging using it or in many cases preventing it with unreasonably high deductibles and other barriers to treatment. It’s not just people without insurance that are getting fucked here, everyone is.

We need to attack this problem from multiple angles, 1. Hospitals need to massively reduce the cost of treatments and have said rates capped at much lower levels than they’re at now. I’m sorry but sitting in a room being hooked up to machines for a week should cost at most $1000, not the $15,000 they routinely charge. Hell Sean spent a week in NICU when he was born, and that cost my insurance company $35,000. No way that makes sense, he shared the room and nurse attention with another resident. During that time the hospital made $70,000 off of two people. That makes no sense at all.

Secondly, after the costs are brought down, insurance companies need to have premiums capped and deductibles removed entirely. These practices are in place to prevent people of meager means from actually using the insurance they pay for. IT should not be legal for them to collect premiums from you if they penalize you for using the coverage they provide. Plus the costs to insurance companies would plummet if hospitals charged reasonable rates for care.

The solution? Not sure, but I’d start with socializing the hospital industry. Hospitals should be completely non-profit to begin with. I don’t see why we still can’t pay assloads of money to doctors with a non-profit business model. The only reason things are as bad as they are is because rich people continue to want nothing more than to become even richer at the expense of us lowly plebian serfs.

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